Jill of all trades

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a Jill of all trades. And I like it this way! I write and edit. I teach. I caregive and caretake. I’m a professional publicist. A resource. An author. So if you want to book a trip or trip your book, get support for your mom, your home, or your pets, explore some research or tutor your children, I hope you’ll call me for a free initial consultation to help with your needs.

I had a farm on the Hamakua

I had a farm on the Hamakua. Mornings woke to find whales and waterspouts playing on the horizon, birds chatting in the garden, feasting on my strawberries. It was a sweet and magical place, where macnuts, papayas, bananas, and a riot of food grew under the tropical sun. And my children grew too. As did I. What place for you was one of roots, growth, joy?

Realtors’ Friend

If you’re a busy real estate professional, you probably need a friend. Want more clients? Free weekends? More time for family and friends? Better results from your social media? Check this out, and give me a call. I might be the friend you need. www.mauiwriter.com/Realtor.pdf

Back on the road…

When an invitation came, I jumped on a plane and…voila – Thailand! I’m on a small, sunny island in the south, creating and editing books, developing websites and content for clients, and settling in for a stay of indefinite duration. I’m more grateful than ever for the technology that allows me to keep working, despite geography…and to keep in touch with friends and family the world over. Where are you heading next, physically or creatively? Bon Voyage!!  

Everybody’s got a story

…or more. Every day I run into people who tell me friends have said they should write their story or do a book about (fill in the blank). So how about you? Are you ready to start writing? (or need a ghost writer?) Eager to have your book professionally edited? Ready to publish? I can facilitate writing, editing, publishing, and marketing of your story(ies). Just call for a free initial consultation, and keep on writing!